Welcome to The Taylored Cut,

a digital home to detail my experiences as a first-gen in tech and my musings on industry trends across e-commerce, gaming, and environmental sustainability.


I am a dreamer and a doer. I believe in people, and I believe that collectively, we have the power to make the world a brighter and more equitable place for all.

Over the last eight years of my career, I was at Google helping businesses grow through brand, growth, and monetization strategy. I am an avid proponent for accessible mentorship and education, currently serving as the co-chairman of Education Through Music’s development board. I am also incredibly passionate about the interaction of fashion, environmental sustainability, and technology.

I proudly have origins from both ends of the Pacific, being of Chinese, Peruvian and Spanish heritage, and my diverse experiences have brilliantly colored the lenses through which I see the world.

After living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, I spent the summer of 2020 traversing across the continental US as a tech nomad in a 1974 Volkswagen Westfalia camper van. I am currently in Toronto, Canada, building a new company. Life, after all, is an adventure!


During my undergrad at UCLA, I dabbled in fashion blogging with a site of my own aptly titled Cut and Taylored, a play on my surname. I now pay homage to my younger creative self with this more thoughtful reincarnation, The Taylored Cut.

Thanks for stopping by, and do drop a line should anything resonate with you.

All thoughts and perspectives are my own.